Identifying and Removing Adware

GeeksTechs LLC pic
GeeksTechs LLC

Pennsylvania-based technology company GeeksTechs LLC provides technical support for many brands of personal computers. To aid customers experiencing computing slowdowns, GeeksTechs LLC can detect and remove harmful malware. Malware, which is short for “malicious software,” can include adware that captures users’ personal information and displays unwanted advertisements.

Adware may manifest in the form of pop-up ads, or it may direct a user’s search to a website in an attempt to lure the user into making a purchase. Adware can get onto a user’s computer through freeware, shareware, or via infected websites. Although adware can run on a system without users’ knowledge, slower internet browsing speeds than normal may signal that adware is present. While some adware has a legitimate purpose, any adware that the user did not consent to installing may be a threat.

Many adware programs do not have built-in uninstall functionality, which means users may have difficulty removing it on their own. For the best results, users should turn to experienced technical support professionals for assistance with adware detection, assessment, and removal.


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