wireless networking

Fundamentals of Wireless Home Networking

Wireless Home Networking pic
Wireless Home Networking
Image: geekstechs.com

Based in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, GeeksTechs LLC provides comprehensive technical support in helping individuals set up home networks and handle common technology problems. When establishing or upgrading a home network, GeeksTechs LLC can set up a router, boost network security, add printers, and more. A wireless router, a key element of any network, allows users to link technology devices together and to the Internet.

Unlike wired networks, wireless networks do not rely on cables to connect to the router and to other devices. Instead, they use 802.11 networking standards, also referred to as Wireless Fidelity and better known as Wi-Fi. Every wireless network must have an access point, which is a device that broadcasts the Wi-Fi signal. Today’s wireless routers have access points built in.

In addition, networks need one or more Wi-Fi clients. These are devices that can detect the Wi-Fi signal and connect to the access point. Most popular electronics devices, such as phones, laptops, and tablets, can serve as Wi-Fi clients on a home network. However, Wi-Fi clients can only connect when they are within the access point’s Wi-Fi range, which is the distance the signal can reach. For many contemporary access points, the range is 150 feet, although some access points have a range of 300 feet or more.


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