common printer problems

Common Printer Problems and Solutions

Printer Problems pic
Printer Problems

GeeksTechs LLC, a computer service based in Pennsylvania, provides customers with support and maintenance for both Macs and PCs. As an experienced company, GeeksTechs LLC can troubleshoot solutions to many common printer problems.

One frequent problem is that the printer is working too slowly. Increasing the speed of the printer saves ink. With most Windows apps, the solution is going to Print and Properties. There is a setting that reduces the quality of the print, typically called Fast Draft. Another solution is installing additional RAM in the printer.

Another common problem is prints that are inconsistent, too light, or covered with horizontal lines. This may happen because when people only use their inkjet printers occasionally, the print heads can become clogged. The printer’s program can clear the clogged ink. For Windows, this setting is in Devices and Printers or Control Panel.

A third common problem is refilling ink cartridges. Even though the refilled or generic ink cartridges are cheaper to buy, typically they waste over 40 percent of the ink by leaving it inside the cartridge. It is best to use the manufacturer’s cartridges for maximum efficiency.


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