Wireless Home Networking pic

The Future of Home Networking


Wireless Home Networking pic
Wireless Home Networking
Image: geekstechs.com

Headquartered in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, GeeksTechs LLC offers software and technical support to its clients both remotely and on site. GeeksTechs LLC can effectively address data storage issues and networking issues, including home networks, which are often referred to as the Internet of things (IoT).

The IoT is a home network consisting of devices typically located in the home that are able to transfer data not only among themselves, but with systems and devices outside of the home as well, by using the Internet. Appliances, audio and video equipment, household lights, and security systems are examples of the items a home network can include.

Energy conservation is another positive aspect of an IoT network. Thermostats, for example, can be programmed and controlled to adjust the temperature inside based on the weather or when the house is unoccupied. Occupancy can be determined by motion sensing equipment or by tracking a person’s cell phone.

Currently, more than 12 billion different products can be wirelessly connected, and it’s predicted that by 2020, the number of connected devices will outnumber people by a factor of more than 25.


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