About GeeksTechs LLC

1461017_635922163126515_279078619_nBased in Pennsylvania, GeeksTechs LLC provides a variety of technical support services for personal computers, connected devices, and software. To meet customers’ varied needs, GeeksTechs LLC offers both one-time services and one-year support plans. Customers can rely on GeeksTechs to address a variety of common computer problems, such as error messages, accidental data loss, or complete system crashes.

In addition, GeeksTechs can assist customers with all types of wireless and networking issues, including setup of routers. The team of technical experts at GeeksTechs LLC can also add security to any wireless home network and help customers set up a hard drive to optimize network storage.

Assisting customers with virus, malware, or adware detection is another key service provided by GeeksTechs. To schedule service, prospective customers may call the company directly or purchase one of the company’s two core plans via its website. While standard service and rate plans are available, individuals or organizations with multiple systems or users may require tailored plans with different pricing.


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